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Become a patient

What to expect at your first appointment? As clinicians, we understand that health is personal so our first priority is to get to know you, and your needs. Once you have met your dentist they will review your medical history and will listen to any concerns you may have about your teeth and your oral health. Then your dentist will carefully complete a full examination. This is a comprehensive review of your dental health and because we want to be really thorough takes around 30-45 minutes. The new patient examination is a 12 point review including:

  1. Chewing function
    Can you eat comfortably and efficiently?
  2. Discomfort
    Is there any pain or discomfort in your teeth, gums or other parts of your mouth?
  3. Mouth Cancer Screening and Soft Tissues
    We screen for signs of mouth cancer and other diseases of the soft tissues of your mouth (tongue, cheeks, lips, palate and floor of mouth).
  4. Oral Hygiene
    We make an assessment of plaque control, and how much plaque has built up.
  5. Teeth and fillings
    We examine your teeth and existing restorations (fillings, crowns etc) for stability.
  6. Tooth wear
    We review tooth wear such as attrition, erosion and abrasion and then discuss with you their causes, prevention and treatment where appropriate.
  7. Gum Health
    We carry out a Basic Periodontal Examination to monitor gum health, to measure the presence of inflammation, loss of gum attachment and sites of plaque collection.
  8. X-rays
    We take these as required to assess presence of decay and bone support and to investigate problem or suspicious areas.
  9. Jaw joint
    We examine these for clicks and other problems before recording findings and making recommendations.
  10. Assessment
    We assess the condition, function and comfort of dentures, crowns, implants or other appliances
  11. Treatment Planning
    We discuss with you routine, remedial or cosmetic treatments that you desire or we believe you need to achieve a healthy mouth and attractive smile.
  12. Recall interval
    We make an ongoing assessment of how often you should visit us for Healthy Mouth Reviews and Hygiene treatments.

After your consultation your dentist can show you images taken using our x-ray and intra oral camera on a screen in front of you and discuss any needs you might have and how to help protect your teeth and make the most of your smile. At the end of the consultation you will have a thorough understanding of what is happening in your mouth and how to keep it healthy.