Routine Care


Looking after your and your family’s oral health is the best way of ensuring you have a great smile and healthy teeth for life. Research shows a confident smile and healthy teeth greatly influences the impression you make on other people. We can help look after your oral health and ensure you have a great smile and healthy teeth for life.

Our Maidenhead dentists’ offer a full range of dental treatments to help your teeth look their best. From check ups to cosmetic treatments we can help you have a great smile.

If you have any questions, or want more information please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly helpful team.


Prevention is always better than cure. Regular check ups and having your teeth cleaned professionally is essential to protect the health of your teeth and gums.

At each consultation your teeth, gums and mouth will be carefully examined to ensure you are in good oral health. After the examination we will discuss with you any requirements you may have and offer advice on how to protect your teeth going forward.

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Children’s Dentistry

Dental care should begin at an early age. Plaque will begin to form as soon as a child’s first tooth arrives. Brushing teeth twice a day, a balanced diet and regular check ups at the dentist are essential to ensuring healthy teeth and gums for life.

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Fresh Breath Treatment

Bad breath (halitosis) is a serious problem suffered by one in four adults damaging people’s self-esteem, social and professional lives.

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Hygienist Services

Dental hygienists meticulously clean patients’ teeth and are specially trained to provide deep and highly effective removal of plaque. This is an essential part of protecting your oral health and ensuring you have strong teeth for life.

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